march is...

today is monday, march 1st 2010. here in vermont, it's rainy and raw and grey outside. not the ideal monday morning, but, like every month - march does bring something special and unique to the table (even though that might seem unlikely on a day like today) so, here is a little monthly inspiration for you all (and a new LOVE VERMONT tradition)

march thinks for itself.
she is free and wild like the wind.
march remembers last spring.
her voice is very loud or very soft, depending.
she loves making promises.
march is the evidence of things not yet seen.
she has many different aspects.
march understands the nature of change.
march has a multi-layered personality.
she loves to dance - especially the irish jig.
march is more poetry than prose.
she believes in perennials.
march is bright photosynthesis.
she has hope in things to come.
march is a bridge between 2 skies.
she holds onto life.

see, when you think about it like this, what is NOT to love about march!?
calendar by celiaflock studio via etsy

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