in like a lion.

as my wise friend said very matter of factly this morning, "march has come in like a lion" as always, he was dead on...
in the past 48 hours both my car* and computer** have died AND i was miserably dissapointed with the outcome of my favorite reality television show***
quite the hectic and unpleasant beginning, but i suppose, that only leaves room for improvement.
so here's to enjoying the rough start to the month and hoping that the lamb takes over sooner than later (-:

*car is all better thanks to my wonderful bf and the entire town of vergennes! i love vermont.
**computer is still out of commission, so i apologize in advance for the slow blog days ahead...
***jake, seriously? what were you thinking? i am disappointed in you. however, i do continue to LOVE chris harrison and will clearly be watching the next season of bachelorette and dancing with the stars.

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