the green life.

please don't judge me, but i have to admit that there was awhile where i hated the green movement - it felt too forced and trendy and it drove me crazy seeing people driving gas guzzling SUVs but carrying their groceries in cute little eco-tote bags and wearing tshirts that said "i live green" and "earth day rocks".

however, that was then (2007) and this is now. and now, i have fully embraced the green movement (you should have seen our recycling bin this morning!) but it's easy up here in the woods, because, as the bumber sticker says, "vermont - we were green before it was cool."

so, my new favorite addition to this green lifestyle is a burlington, vt store aptly called the green life. it is full of wonderfully environmentally friendly items for you and your home - linens, furniture, bath products and cozy cozy blankets. definitely worth a visit. odds are, it will make you go a little bit greener.

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