nesting, a verb.

i am nesting. or that's what my mom told me when last week i admitted to cleaning the inside of my microwave (high point? low point? not so sure.)

so, rather than ignore it, i am going to embrace this so-called nesting phase. which means that this weekend will consist of the following nesting activities...

  • labeling my new spice jars - nutmeg, cumin, oregano, oh my!
  • some quality time with mrs. meyers
  • purchasing the perfect spring doormat for my nest (thank you, pottery barn)
  • searching for a treat or two at my new favorite home consignment store, anjou and the little pear - maybe they will have my dream chicken wine pitcher (my new obsession thanks to last night's chianti infused dinner at three tomatoes)
  • cursing the fact that there is nearly 200 miles between me and the closest target. what is a girl to do!?!?
  • cleaning my microwave. obviously.

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