she is correct.

my fabulous friend in the superburbs & i seem to always be on the same page in life. we have been known to dress the same, finish each others sentences and we always seem to click at the exact same moment. we also use phrases like "that is correct" and "you are dead on" a little too often. although, i have to admit, there is something so magical and comforting about having people in the world who are always on your page, no matter how many dirt roads may lie between you. and that, my friends, is the beauty of the blog world - you can stay connected and in sync from miles away.
and today, from the woods of vermont to the superburbs of rhode island, we are both in the midst of a love affair with barns and the rustic simplicity that they bring to the table. she is correct, the inspiration board above is just a little piece of heaven.

(inspiration courtesy of style me pretty)

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