have a dreamy weekend!

i need pretty things in my life today. the wind is howling outside and the rain is pounding at the windows. thus, all i want to do is curl up in my sweats with a steamy cup of hot chocolate and look at pretty things. lucky for us, it was an exceptionally beautiful and romantic week in cyberland so there is lots to help keep my dreamy eyes open...even this pumpkin looks so simple and stunning, don't you think?

this doilie wreath took my breath away - and then to learn that this beauty was a do-it-yourself project, simply heavenly. how much more romantic would life be with something like this hanging in your bedroom?

i've been researching cooking classes lately (and thanks to my twitter friends have found some great ones!) and in that search i discovered this recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies from the brilliant folks at king arthur flour. i will be signing up for that class immediately.

lox papers (aka my most recent blog crush) makes the prettiest to do lists i have ever seen! never has a rainy day or a hay bail looked so good!

the daily emails from etsy always make my day - but today the talented shoppers over there must have known i needed some extra love, as it featured three of my favorite things - bunting, birch bark and mason jars. thanks ladies...off to etsy shopping land i go! i have a feeling my virtual shopping cart will be full in no time!

and you know i have a thing for wedding photos, and this one captured on church street (my current home turf) is just breathtaking. so, is all else fails, this image of the happy couple enjoying their moment while the rest of the world rushes by will fulfill my dreamy needs on this gloomy afternoon...

so, on that note, i am off! i hope you all have a dreamy and relaxing weekend! xoxo

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