happy {romance} weekend.

mr. frederickson and i are headed south today, 30 miles south to be exact, to stowe, vt for a quick little getaway. this weekend - full of long hikes and wine tasting and afternoon naps - will be just what the doctor ordered. the weekend celebrates the very brief interlude between two crazy seasons and i could not be more excited. it doesn't hurt that on our weekend agenda is a visit to the trapp family lodge and after seeing the sound of music 45 annniversary special today i have visions of an edelweiss sing-a-long in my head. (side note: mr. f loves a good show tune)

so...just a little sneak peak of what i hope our weekend looks like...with a little virtual fantasy shopping spree added just for fun (-:

1. trapp family lodge 2. cozy throw by terrain (my new fave site) 3. my fingers are crossed that i will need these ray bans 4. boots from madewell 5. patagonia fleece vest 6. tis the season to get out my ugg slippers 7. you know i have a soft spot for a good scarf like this one from toast 8. the original sound of music 9. kate spade's new fragrance - twirl 10. vintage issue of vermont life (i may or may not have a series of these framed in my living room just waiting to be hung up!) 11. wrap sweater (heaven) ae outfitters 12. duffle bag

so, i hope you all have fantasy in mind for the weekend and i hope it comes true! make it a great one...and promise me you will celebrate with some pumpkins, even if it's only with the image below. be still my fall loving heart.

{image via 2007 life is good pumpkin festival}

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