an apple overdose.

just like life, this fall is going by waaaayyy too quickly. i had a complete panic attack tonight after learning that apple picking season is coming to an end. how did that happen!??! where did the time go? and why, oh why have i not taken advantage of the best time of year here in vermont?! aka meltdown.

however, i relaxed a bit when i learned, thanks to the folks at farm plate, that its not just me and that this year's crops have ripened about 10 days ahead of schedule due to an unseasonably warm april...although due to a may frost, the overall crop yield is down about 17%. (gotta love vermont!)

in an attempt to be somewhat proactive against future meltdowns, i am going to "go big" in the world of apples and dash out to as many pick your own orchards as possible in the coming days and stock up for the long winter.

so, since these next few days will be reminiscent of "mrs. k's bulk pick" circa august 2008, i will need your help on what to do with all these darn apples. what do you think? what's your favorite recipe? pies? chutneys? tarts? sauce? i need you all. help me prepare for the impending overdose.....pleeeaase!

Judith  – (October 7, 2010 at 8:12 PM)  

applesauce is wonderfully easy to freeze. be sure to leave some space at the top of the container or when it freezes it will pop off. to get pink applesauce you will need a food mill. if you go to dan and whit's and ask for a Foley food mill they will know what you need. They can be expensive at kitchen stores...but a great investment....have fun...xo

Lady Grey  – (October 7, 2010 at 8:27 PM)  

Pies, crumbles & cobblers... you definitely can't go wrong. Apple jelly. Apple sauce. Apple-cheddar sandwiches. I guess there's always apple juice too : )

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