wedding wednesday: the light.

there is nothing prettier than the light just before the sun sets. especially over lake champlain, and especially after the long dark winter we have had. and yesterday, for the first time since i can't remember when, i was aware of that brilliant and romantic light at the end of the day. (spring is in the air, i can feel it!)
furthermore, i have to admit, that i love when this light is captured on film. the warm and dreamy colors are just to die for. especially on a wedding day in september, don't you think?*

* please note that the heavy sell on this concept is because mr. frederickson just about passed out when i told him we might have to leave our wedding party for a few minutes for a cocktail hour photo shoot. (miss a party!? him? never) but i am hoping that maybe these lovely images will sway him...

{sunset via, weddings via}

Super Burbs  – (March 3, 2011 at 6:53 PM)  

We were worried about missing the party too - but it turned out to be our most favorite part. It's the only time you get, just the two of you, to reflect on what you just did. We still talk about those few minutes:)

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