i can see clearly now...

i have made a decision. the decision is, that as of right now, this very moment. my winter funk is over. why? just because i can't stand it anymore, and really there is a whole lot to be happy about.
here are just a few of the reasons why i'm (forcing) a smile today...
1. this picture of mr. frederickson: it will make me smile today and i have a feeling, for the rest of my life.

2. patent leather shoes: especially when they are tiffany blue and cost $19.99. hurry - head to your local tjmaxx! they have zillions of these talbot's ballet flats in all sorts of punchy colors that are sure to add a little hop to your step.

3. flowers: on my to do list this weekend is to puruse blog land for some floral inspiration. it's off to a pretty lovely start thanks to these beauties.

4. daylight savings time: turning your clocks back one hour might mean we loose an hour of sleep, but it also means we gain an hour of evening daylight. heaven.

5. our wedding photographer: she was just featured in the new issue of wellwed (sister publication to vt vows) and her images are just stunning. i am so honored she is going to be part of our day!

6. the weekend: and one with mr. frederickson all to myself. it also helps that we are going here for breakfast and just made a snowshoeing date with some of our fave friends!

...and there, just like that, the funk is over...so what about you? what are some of your favorite things these days?

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