zoe ink.

i can't even believe it, but tomorrow i get to meet with the amazingly talented (and super fun!) zoe ink. zoe creates the most magical paper products out of her one room letter press studio in the sodafountain building in burlington.
this means that tomorrow could quite possibly be the best day in the whole wedding planning process. i have a thing for paper, and really (according to my brilliant mother) the theme of the wedding starts with an invitation...so tomorrow, i get to cozy up with zoe and start the creative process. and the fact that i get to do it with someone as fun and talented as zoe makes it that much more fun! stay tuned, i will surely have lots to report tomorrow!

any ideas out there for me? any favorites that i need to see?! i need all the help i can get (-:

Lady Grey  – (January 27, 2011 at 9:43 PM)  

can't wait to hear all about it : ) I hope you find your perfect theme!

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