january is....

...and we're back! after a festive and wonderful (and exhausting) holiday season i could not be more excited for the new year. tis the season to look ahead, to get organized, to dream, and to plan - pretty much all of my favorite things. although i really do hope there is a little time left over to relax and relish what is sure to be a happy little month and the beginning of a dreamy 2011. oh, the possiblities.....

january believes in miracles.
she loves new beginnings.
january is history's mirror.
she is happiest looking at the stars.
january's house has many windows and doors.
she looks forward more than back.
january is the beginning og things.
she keeps resolutions in her pocket.
january is known for making fresh tracks.
she loves a new book.
january is a great project manager.
she feels alive when she's dancing.
january is a state of mind.
she is known for her initiative.
january loves a good sale.
she's not afraid of the unknown.
january holds the database of dreams and resolutions.

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