happy {hockey} weekend!

i don't have any idea how it snuck up on me so fast, but it's here. hockey season is already here! yes, that's right, tonight marks opening night of the college hockey season up in these parts and i could not be more excited!

admittedly i know very little about the sport, but this team in particular represents so many things i love that i can't help but be excited. i love the experience of it all. i love the way the community comes together. i love the people watching - from toddlers in mini jerseys running in circles in the stands, to the teenage girls drooling over the cutest new players. i love the loyal fans who have sat in the same seats for as long as they can remember. i love that there is another whole community that supports the team from behind the scenes. but mostly, i love how cute mr. frederickson looks barking at his players from behind the bench. and i love that his parents come and still cheer for the guy who wears the number he wore back in his glory days. (#37)

so, see, even for a non-hockey fan....it's a great season. a really great one.
wish us luck (-:

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