wine {for a cause} wednesday

wine for a cause - what a fabulous idea!

although i can take no credit for the idea or even for finding it (thank you, mainely home!) but what i can do is share it with you all as a fantastic holiday gift idea....there are a lot of wine lovers in my life and a lot of folks i have left to buy for, so this is just about perfect!

OneHope donates a portion of each bottle (totaling fifty percent of its profits!) to charity. Each variety supports a different cause - autism, breast cancer, our troops, AIDS, children's hospitals and more.

OneHope was started by eight friends who worked out of their living rooms, selling wine out of their trunks, trying to help support a friend in her fight against cancer. Now an enterprise, the company has sold over 20,000 cases of wine - and donated $350,000 to charity, since its inception in June 2007.

Pretty cool, huh?

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